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 Acadian  Air Conditioning Repair Baton Rouge

Ac Repair of commercial ac  evaporator, Baton Rouge air conditioning repair and maintenance.    


  CALL  Air Conditioning Repair of Baton Rouge, La for all your Ac repairs at 225 292 2649 State A/C  Mechanical State license 59523. Acadian A/C Repair Heating and Air also takes care of your  maintenance of your air conditioning unit such as cleaning,  our HVAC technicians are servicing the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. HVAC Leaks, inadequate cooling or air which just does not feel cool  enough in certain rooms as a result of air conditioning duct work problems, will resulit in high electricity bills, Call locally owned Acadian Heating and Air Repair for all your , Air repairs and new effficient units installed, air conditioning coil cleaning, and maintenance at 225-292-2649 . State A/C Mechanical license 59523. mobile redierct code

    Paul Plauche

Customer Review 2 days ago
Great job! While replacing my air conditioning condensor unit outside he also found and repaired a kink in the suction freon line that has probably been there since the original install in 1965. Would recommend him!
    We dont just replace an air conditioning unit, if we find a problem, we fix it properly and take photo's of  the air repair  and send to the  customer. This 
kinked heating and air conditioning line was damaged at original installation, starving compressor, damaging it, only lasting 8 yrs before complete failure.
   The last heating and air company did'nt notice it, this has been happening since 1965 on this home and the home owners have been
paying for several different air conditioning repair company's installing new condenser units every 8 yrs and no one fixed it properly, with previous air repair until this yr.


Inadequate cooling in a certain room? Call us or contact us today to evaluate and provide a solution to fix this problem and get the heating air conditioning cooling comfort you deserve.

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  • Heating and Air Conditioning maintenaince
  • Air Conditioning repair HVAC Water Leaks
  • Attic Duct Repairs, Air Leaks
  • Condenser Units installation and cleaning and ac repair
  • Evaporator Unit cleaning and installation
  • New High Efficiency Units
  • Freon Charge Pressure Test

heating and air conditioning Ac repair, cleaning out the air conditioner for more efficiency in the Baton Rouge area For all your air conditioner repairs and service call 225 292 2649 .. Heating and air conditioning commercial Ac repair servicing and repairing a rooftop unit in the Baton Rouge area. repairing and servicing a heating and air conditioning commercial ac unit in Baton Rouge,LA  area. Ac repair of coil. baton rouge,LA building where air conditioning ac was repaired, it was leaking. heating, air, leaks, unit, hvac


new condensor ac repair heating and air in baton rouge, compressor was burned out.



New ac air conditioning and heating installation in Baton Rouge, la repair of old unit not able, had bad compressor.air conditioning repair replaced condenser with new  Baton Rouge heating and air ac repair

Replaced r22 coil with new 410 A Baton rouge heating and air ac repair for your  air conditioning repair call 292 2649


ac repair heating and air change out installing new unit in attic baton rouge


baton rouge heating and air ac repair air conditioning  repair in new unit install

Ac repair and installation of new 410 A evaporator coil in Baton Rouge, LA areaair conditioning repair replace condenser HVAC Baton Rouge

 air conditioning repair of baton rouge condenser change out for all your heating and air ac repair call us.

ac repair and air conditioning repair of baton rouge condenser change out for all your heating and air conditioning repair call us.

ac repair and air conditioning repair of baton rouge condenser change out for all your heating and air conditioning repair call us repair and air conditioning repair of baton rouge condenser change out for all your heating and air conditioning repair call us today.

ac repair and air conditioning repair of baton rouge heating and air conditioning repair line was kinked starving compressor special tool expands pipe for exterior repair

special tool expands copper to allow ac repair and new air conditioning repair of condenser, for all heating and air repair call us today.

Original install from 1965 had kinked copper line starving compressor of freon and oil resulted in short life of 8 yrs, this special tool allows us to cut off kinked tubing and expand or swedge this tubing which allows exterior repair not having to go inside home and cut out base boards and sheetrock saving a big mess and a lot more expense to the customer. We have spent the money on special tools which saves time and money.

spraying insulation in attic, call us for all your ac repair air conditioning repair blown insulation and heating and air repair baton rouge

blown insulation in attic to R 30  for you heating and air repair, ac repair and air conditioning repair of baton rouge

blowing insulation is a great investment for all your ac repair heating  and air repair and air conditioning repair of baton rouge call us today.

Blowing attic insulation is an investment with immediate results

focusing on heting and air  duct work, supply boxes and under ductwork

gives extra added benefit of reducing sweating problems and

increased R value cooling of a/c duct temperature, completely covering

main trunk line. Duct inspection notices plenum box was leaking air,

hot air was being sucked into home losing efficiency costing customer air conditioning expenses, we foam sealed up entire perimeter of plenum sealing it off. She just had her unit replaced and they didnt even do an attic nspection, so she still wasnt comfortable, she called us and we solved 3 different problems with the heating and air, the duct system needed air balancing.

we added dampers, which are valves to control how much heating and  air goes where we

want it to go needing more air in some areas and had too much in other areas

also added 2 suppy ducts 1 to bedroom and master bath also added a new master bath vent light with more powerful yet quiet fan removes more steam. and found huge heating and air leaks around plenum pictured right, foam sealed it .


air conditioning leaks around plenum, unit sucking hot attic air and dust into duct system,ac repair  attic inspection, needed to be foam sealed in baton rouge.

     There are always new technological advancements being made in the field of air repair, this means with some of the newer tools we can get the air as cold as possible creating more efficiency for the unit means less  electricity spent for the customer. Have you ever wondered about how the air conditioning and how it works ?   Staying up to date in the latest advancements is a continuing education, it is essential to our business and your comfort and precise air repair and diagnosis located here and partnered with local air conditioning supply for quick parts which makes for a quick ac repair in Baton Rouge, LA area for so contact us for refrigeration, walk in cooler repair a quick ac repair. Call Acadian Air Conditioning of Baton Rouge, LA today at 225 292 2649.

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Heating and air ac repair cleaning of air conditioner condenser unit which was causing water leakage inside reception area.


customer just had a new air conditioning system installed and still was not comfortable, called us noticed the system was not balanced, had too much air  and not enough in some areas added dampers pictured to right of this text box, has a valve that gives custom control of how much air goes where, this gives ability to control the air flow made an instant and huge difference in comfort, also added extra air conditioning repair supply to master bedroom and master bath making the home feel cool and comfortable for the first time. also original install had thermostat directly under a supply blowing cold air on it was turning off thermostat to quick causing discomfort in home, having to set on 72 to cool home, relocated away from air vent solved this problem also. just changing the air conditioning sytem will not always make you happy and comfortable, a good technician will ask you the proper questions to find out if the system needs air conditioning repairs for your comfort.

ac repair in baton rouge added dampers to air conditioning repair system by controlling or balancing air flow equalizing air conditioning

while doing ac repair in baton rouge installed new vent fan light with quiet and more powerful air displacement for removal of hot steamwhile doing ac repair in baton rouge added new quiet yet more powerful fan for quick steam and heat removal from master bath

ac repair of kinked lines from original install 1965, did air conditioning repair here in Baton Rouge with specialty tool from ext of home.

air conditioning repair here in Baton Rouge of copper line set which was damaged kinked on original install damaging compressor unit.


ac repair of line set added new dryers and air conditioning repair of line set, installed new condenser unit here in Baton Rouge.

Air conditioining repair in Baton Rouge, original air conditioning

installation technician damaged lines trying to bend them through

the wall and out side to the condenser compressor because they

didn't have the proper tools to bend pipe, which cost a few

hundred  dollars just to bend the pipe properly, so air conditioning

technician bent by hand and kinked line in 2 places causing

restriction resulting in loss of pressure and strain on the compressor

which resulted in compressor burnout every 8 yrs causing customer

lots of money because of a ac repair technicians ignorance  or

incompetence, we use the best specialty tools and techniques to

perform specific task properly.

Original air conditioning installer bent and kinked lines pic above shows special tool which costs 360.00, and gives best job performance by expanding tubing from outside the home,  by being able to repair line set from outside we didn't need to go inside the home, remove baseboards and cut out sheetrock to access the copper tubing then of course the sheetrock taping floating texturing priming and painting process, probably another 495.00 in sheetrock and painting repairs. We pride ourselves in using the best tools and techniques which results in the best air conditioning repair which gives best performance and efficiency of equipment giving customer long lasting years of use. Acadian heating and air ac repair  is constantly studying the latest information and techniques which usually means investing in the specialty tools to perform these better ac repair techniques, by using Acadian heating and air ac repair you will know you have the best air conditioining repair using the best tools and parts available giving you long lasting air conditioining performance and comfort, so call us today at 225 292 2649 serving the Baton Rouge and surrounding metro areas.